We restore bearings, ours and other brands, in industrial, rail and aerospace applications to like-new condition, extending service life up to three times and delivering cost savings of up to 60% of new a bearings.


Industrial Bearing Repair

Benefits of Industrial Roller Bearing Repair
Save 20%-60% and Save Time
A roller bearing remanufactured by Timken can cost 20 to 60 percent less than the cost of a new bearing. When compared to manufacturing new, lead-times are significantly reduced with roller bearing repair. Shorter lead times can increase uptime.
Find out how we can help you reduce your overall cost of operation with FV industrial bearing repair services by contacting us by email at sales@fv-bearing.com.
Repaired Roller Bearings – Good As New
Depending on the type of roller bearing repair, research has shown it is possible to restore the full, useful life of your roller bearings. Often, a roller bearing is repairable multiple times – extending its service life and reducing your overall cost of operation – without sacrificing quality.
REPAIRTEC Rolling Mill Program
Through our REPAIRTEC Rolling Mill Program, customers can concentrate on other important issues while Timken manages the mill’s roll shop operations. Our on-site technicians help ensure minimal downtime due to roll changing, roll grinding, bearing overhaul, and other maintenance procedures. REPAIRTEC is available for both hot and cold rolling mills.
Because this is an on-site maintenance program, we’re able to coordinate closely with other customer operations, making it easier to predict needs and provide timely solutions.