Quality control starts with materials. In order to ensure product reliability and consistency, FV cooperates with famous domestic steel mills that provide bearing steel to the world's bearing giants. All ordinary bearings use vacuum degassed bearing steel with oxygen content below 7PPM. , Bearing steel trace elements have their own unique requirements.
At the same time, precision bearings and ultra-precision bearings are all made of high-purity non-metallic inclusions of military steel with a size below 0.0005mm. After the raw materials enter the factory, WLN will use a spectrometer to analyze the material of each batch of steel, and compare it with the manufacturer's material list report, and then produce it after it meets the requirements.
Through the control of raw materials and the adjustment of the production process, the high-end and technological of FV have been realized, and the high added value of products has been enhanced, benefiting from the market and customers.
FV BEARING INDUSTRIES - Quality control, ISO:9001-2005