Split tapered roller bearings include two half outer rings, four half inner rings, four half cages, large washers, and small washers. The large and small washers have multiple pillar holes and between the big and small washers equipped with tapered rollers.
The tapered roller and the large and small washers are rotatably connected by pin-type struts. The two semi-circular cages are fixedly connected by the connecting plate between the two connecting struts. The two cages are placed oppositely in the two half outer rings. The two outer rings are fastened by self-positioning bolts.
The four half inner rings are fastened by self-locating bolts in pairs and are installed in the inner diameters of the two oppositely placed cages, and the outer circles of the inner rings are clamped by snap rings. The design is reasonable, and the disassembly and installation are extremely convenient. When the other parts coaxial with the original bearing are not removed, the bearing can be installed conveniently and quickly, shortening the maintenance period by more than half, and the operation is stable and reliable. It is very suitable for low speed, heavy load, high impact, and sealing. Used on occasions such as poor performance.