Installation methods of various rolling bearings

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Installation of multi-row cylindrical roller bearings: include four row cylindrical roller bearing and six-row cylindrical roller bearing, when installing such types of bearings, in order to maintain high-precision coaxiality, the inner ring of the bearing is heated in the oil tank, so that the inner hole of the inner ring and the roll diameter of the roller are hot-pressed and assembled. After completion, the final size of the bearing inner ring raceway is ground based on the roll body to improve the radial rotation accuracy.
six row cylindrical roller bearing

Installation of four-row tapered roller bearing: When installing the four-row tapered roller bearing, first put the whole set of bearings into the bearing seat, and then put the roll neck of the roll into the inner hole of the bearing. Therefore, the roll neck and the inner hole of the bearing can only use clearance fit, and at the same time, oil grooves should be provided on the surface of the inner hole of the bearing, the end face of the inner ring, the surface of the roll neck, and the end face of the axial inner retaining ring.
roll bearing

Installation of double-row spherical roller bearings: When installing double-row spherical roller bearings, the matching between the inner hole of the bearing and the shaft adopts a clearance fit.
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