Field assembly of support roll for 1450mm 6-hi CRM

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Complete replacement of roller bearing of CRM
The company has two cold rolling mill respectively from SMS Demag (SMS) composed of the introduction of the 1400 single stand 6 roller reversible rolling mill production line
1450mm type of 2-hi stand bearing:

BUR - FCDP146206750/HCP53
IMR - STF240KVE3303 (seal)
WR - STF220KVE2902 (seal)
SMS 1450 double stand
1400 single stand bearing type:
BUR - FCDP138196750/HCP53
IMR - 240KVE3303 (seal)
WR - 220KVE2902 (seal)
MITSUBISHI Hitachi 1400 cold rolling mill
Roll installed support SMS 1450 double stand cold rolling mill, instead of American TIMKEN bearings, the material for the TIMKEN-3311 steel manufacturing standard. The processing technology is the design of the rolling body convexity (seven sections of arc), the link of the cage store and the support of the pillar is argon arc welding, and the end surface wear reduction design of the rolling body.
FV in 2010, the full replacement of the roll bearing of two cold rolling mills (imported bearings domestically) completely replaced the TIMKEN bearing in good condition at present.